Monday, May 29, 2006

I was rummaging through news sites this morning, and I came across this interesting article in Newsweek regarding the effect the internet might have on the electoral process. While some of the ideas inside are rather hackeneyed (like, for example, assuming the two main parties won't gobble the possibilities of the internet for their own use), overall I found it a thought provoking piece.

Of course, that lead me to Unity '08's website. Unity '08 is a bipartisan effort to establish and run a credible third party candidate in the 2008 election. While the site acknowledges the chances of a third party winning are slim, their main hope is to gain enough votes to have centrist views become crucial to the election. Among the participants is Angus King, who to my knowledge remains outside of Jesse "the Mind" the only independent governor in recent memory.

Who knows how much effect they might have, but I've put them on my "watch" list of potentially influential groups...


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